Toys: 0-2 years

Since having Evelyn we’ve learnt a lot about the wonderful world of baby and toddler toys – its amazing just how many toys they get through in those first couple of years! As we don’t have a play room its very easy for the toys to completely take over the house, so we would frequently remove the … More Toys: 0-2 years

Car travel

Writing a blog about travelling in the car with a baby may seem a bit pointless as all babies like the car right? What’s there to write about? Well Evelyn certainly isn’t as much of a car fan as her Daddy is! Car travel with Evelyn has always been a challenge and for me, having … More Car travel


Prior to having Evelyn, our holidays involved squeezing out as much as possible from our annual leave. We would leave very little time between finishing work to going away and then again between returning home and back to work. We would catch the earliest flight out and the latest flight back home. We were the … More Holidays

Weaning onto solids

Weaning – when the fun, mess and smelly poo really starts! But when is best? What solids do you give? And how do you wean? Theres a lot of advice and opinion out there making weaning confusing, overwhelming and a bit scary. Just when you’ve gotten into a routine and are confident at breast/bottle feeding, … More Weaning onto solids

Smear tests

As we reach the 10 year anniversary of Jade Goody’s tragic death from cervical cancer, the number of women attending their cervical screening appointments has fallen to a 20 year low in England and a 10 year low in Wales. In Wales last year, out of the women aged 25-49 years old, almost 30% had … More Smear tests

Our Sleep Journery

Prior to having Evelyn, I knew very little about babies sleep. In fact, even after a few months into motherhood, I still didn’t have a clue! I winged it and hoped for the best but achieved very little success. I knew about the newborn sleepless nights, but I hadn’t expected the night wakes to last … More Our Sleep Journery