Lunacorn book review

In celebration of world book day I wanted to share this really lovely book – Lunacorn! It’s written by an old school friend of mine, Mel Rapley, and it’s her first children’s book. Lunacorn is a really sweet story about sharing our worries and embracing our differences.

As a family we’ve always loved reading together and I’m always on the look out for good new books, despite our ever growing collection! As a parent I appreciate more than ever when children’s book have a deeper message to help them explore and understand their emotions and mental health.

Lunacorn cleverly describes how children may experience feeling low in mood and gently touches on the complexities of our differences. It encourages children to vocalise their worries in the security that they will be heard, reassured and cared for.

Evelyn has really taken to Lunacorn, enjoying the beautiful illustrations, catchy rhyming and sweet message. Lunacorn has quickly become one of Evelyn’s favourite books and one that she asks to read most nights!

I highly recommend it, especially if your little one loves unicorns and rainbows! Lunacorn is available to purchase on Amazon.

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